Plasticiene Printed Paper

This is a very easy way to make a very effective print block.

As well as being a great way to introduce printmaking, it is also one of the many ways of creating decorated paper. You create a plasticine printing block or stamper that is very durable – I have some that I made years ago and only need a quick dust before using and a wash up before storing away again. If you have not come across plasticine before, it is worth having a play with some. It is a modelling clay that does not dry out – it really does stay pliable, I am sure there are other brands of this sort of modelling clay but plasticine is the one that I have used for years and can confidently recommend .

Start with a lump of plasticine and shape it so it has a knob at one end. Bang it on a table to create a flattened surface.
Use some tools like a nail, blunt knife, a stick, or even a textured surface to create a pattern on the flattened surface.
You may need to gently flatten the surface again.
Apply some paint to the patterned surface and stamp onto some paper.
Wash the plasticine stamper and use again with a different color to create a lovely piece of patterned paper.


I hope you found this idea helpful and have lots of fun creating with paint.
Sarah Bastida
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