Blot Painting – mirror art

Blot painting is a lot of colourful fun for kids, plus this project is easy to set up.

It is like looking in the mirror, whatever you paint on the left side of the paper is reflected on the right side.  Try making bugs and butterflies and finish them off with a felt pen for the details.
School Paints Blot painting
Try making bugs and butterflies

mirror art
Use Plenty of colour

You will need:
:A sheet of light card – A3 is better than A4
:Tempera waterbased poster paint
:Paint Brush or a Spoon
:Felt pens or crayons
:Newspapers or protective cover sheet.


1.  Prepare your work area.  Lay out newspapers or a cover sheet

2.  Fold the paper in half to make a light crease. Open it out.  You may find some very young children will need to have the paper folded for them.

3.  Brush or spoon the paint out in drops onto one side of the card.  Try to get some colour along the central fold line.   Use bright colours. 

4.  Re-fold the card. Rub the card with the palm of your hand trying to work the paint from the centre to the outer edge.

5.  Allow to dry. Thick painting may take longer than normal artworks.

6.  Add the final extras.  Eyes, feet, legs, dots or a nose with felt pens or crayons.

7.  It is optional to cut out your bug out and hang it on the wall. 
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mirror art


Try not to paint too thick – it will take too long to dry and will flake off the card within a few days.

Try not to get too much paint on one side of your paper or you'll end up with one colour all over the page.

You can try other painting techniques to make symmetrical pictures.

You can use paper but light card is better.  Painting this way can be too thick for paper causing it it to pull apart.

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  1. thanks we did this today... Tips were helpful but should have read the one about using light card. Thanks - Tess :)


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