Crayon and Chalk Resist

Crayon and Chalk Resist:

You will need
· Wax Crayons
· Chalk
· A Water based water soluble dye


Use chalk to draw a thick outline of your picture.

Use wax crayons to colour in your picture between the chalk outlines.

You are colouring in your picture. Make up one dark dye colour (preferably black) to wash over the entire picture. This will wash away the chalk outlines.

Wax Crayons:

You must make sure that you are using wax crayons to make this work. There are a lot of plastic crayons on the market these will not work.

This is ideal for quick colourful artworks.

Draw a picture with the wax crayons making the lines reasonably thick. Like a basic design 'A is for Apple' drawing a simple outline of an apple.

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Using the wax crayons you could colour in any spaces left.

Dye is now painted and flooded over the entire picture. The water dye is resisted by the wax crayon areas. This method also suits designs based on stained glass windows.

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