How to thicken School Tempera Paint

thicken tempera paint school paints
Thick Paint
How to thicken School Tempera Paint
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Here is a quick recipe to thicken a water based school tempera poster paint.  This takes about 10 minutes to cook and has a great thick smooth texture that is ideal for finger painting.  Depending on the amount of paint you need - increase or decrease the quantities of this recipe.

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What You Need:

4 x spoons of Corn-starch, 3 cups water, small sealable containers.

Recipe for thickening Temper Poster Paint:

1. Add 4 x level teaspoons of corn-starch with 3 x cups of water in a pot, mixing until all combined.

 2. Heat the mixture over low heat, stirring it until the corn-starch dissolves and is smooth and thick.

3. Allow the mixture to cool.

4. Add the thickener to your tempera in a slow pour, stirring the paint until you get the viscosity desired. Don't add too much at once, as you will have to add a much greater quantity of paint to get it back to a thinner consistency. If you add far too much, it is may be more economical to discard the paint and start again.

5. You can keep the remaining thickener in a sealed jar. Stir it well before using it again.  If paint is too thick, add small amounts of water and mix thoroughly, until you get the desired consistency.
How to thicken School Tempera Paint

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  1. Hi! I've been cooking this for nearly 1 hour and it's still not thick. Unsure if it is due to the fact that I doubled the recipe, but the volume has lessened (evaporation I think), but it's not thick (like a corn starch gravy).

    1. Hi Jules,
      It could be the doubled recipe. It normally works quite easily. But we are also assuming here that the brand of paint you’re a trying to thicken does not stray from the normal type of raw materials.

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    I think there are many people like and visit it regularly, including me.

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