Make Finger Drawings

This is a quick and fun art project for the classroom with very little setup and kids' love it.

You will need.
  • Childs ink stamp pad, finger paint or a quality thick tempera paint
  • Sheet of paper
  • Felt Tipped pens.
  • Paint brushes
  • handy paper towels for clean up

Gently place the finger onto the stamp pad or lightly paint the finger so that it is lightly covered in ink or paint.  Have extra sheets of paint to test that you have not over loaded the finger with paint.   Ink pads give the best results.

TIP: The lighter or thiner you paint the better.  If you have a sponge this can be ideal for this.

Allow the ink or paint to dry.

Draw features on a single print or several fingerprints to make them into a creature, flowers, birds or an insect.

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