Make your own Colour Wheel

Make your own Colour Wheel:
Free download PDF:

Teach Children about the colour theory by helping kids’ to make their own colour wheel.  It is so easy just print it and paint in the gaps.

You will need:
A washable tempera paint in the three primary colours -  Red, Yellow & Blue.

Download our Free PDF template – Click Here

A good selection of clean brushes – short stubby brushes are ideal for small hands.
A cup or container for clean water
A mixing palette

Lets get started...

1.    Print the template on to a thick cartridge paper suitable to be painted   on.

2.    Paint the 3 basic primary colours in the labelled segments.
Paint in the three primary colours
3. Before you mix the other colours.  Try to explain to the children that the two other colours in the wheel mixed together make the inbetween colour. Example: Mix  Red & Yellow you get the colour segment in between 'Orange'.

4.    Clean brushes if you need too between colours

5.    Mix equal amount of yellow and red paint together on a palette. This will make orange.

6.    Paint the orange colour into the labelled segment.

7.    Now repeat this process with the other colours

Primary Colours:
Red + Yellow = Orange
Blue + Yellow = Green
Blue + Red = Purple

Intermediate Colours:
Orange + Yellow = Yellow Orange
Orange + Red = Red Orange

Blue + Purple = Ultra or Blue Purple
Purple + Red = Red Purple

Green + Blue = Blue Green
Yellow + Green = Leaf or Yellow Green

7.    Once completed allow to dry.

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