Marble Painting

Marble Painting with school paints:

Kids’ love this.  What can be more fun than rolling marbles around in paint!  If you haven’t tried this one out you should give it a go.  It is always a popular art activity.

LEVEL: Preschool Early Primary
Marble Painting school paints
Marble Painting

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You will need:
: Marbles
: School Tempera Paint in a small bowls or paint pots
: Sheets of paper
: A large cardboard box – with low sides for easy access.
: A spoon
: Bowls of water
: Apron and a cover sheet or newspaper
: Paper towels – this might get messy.

Let’s get started:
Put on the apron and prepare your work area by laying down newspaper or your cover sheet.

Pour a small amount of paint into your bowl or paint pot using one bowl for each colour.  Now place the marbles in your paint bowl

Place your paper inside the bottom of your box. You may need to cut the paper to fit.  For best results leave a gap around the edge for the marble to roll to and from.   

Using a spoon pick up and marble out of the bowl of paint and place it in the box.  Trying not to drip paint over the clean sheet of paper.

Pick up your box and slowly move it from side to side so the marble rolls over the paper leaving a trail of colour.   When the marble runs out of paint try to roll it to a corner and pick it up with the spoon again without marking the art work.

Repeat this with different colours.

When you're finished, check out your artwork. The marbles made spectacular abstract prints on paper!

Take the painting out of the box and leave to dry.

Make sure the marbles are thoroughly coated with paint.
Using one colour and one marble at a time works best.

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