Scratch Art - crayon etching lesson plan

Level: Pre-School and Early Primary

Children can use wax crayons to make a unique work of scratch art. Kids love this simple magical type of art.
crayon etching
crayon etching
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What You Need:

Sheet of Paper or light card
Wax Crayons – Light Colours
Black India ink or Tempera Powder Paint
Newspaper – or coversheet

What You Do:

Pressing down firmly to produce a thick layer of crayon, cover all the paper with a range of different colours. Make it colourful.

Once you have filled the paper with crayons patterns, colour heavily over the whole paper using black crayon or tempera powder paint.
Use wax crayons

Allow to dry

Place your artwork on Newspaper or a coversheet for easy clean up.

Make you picture by scraping off the black layer of paint or wax crayon with the end of a paint brush or paper clips to revel colours from underneath.

You can try a range of blunt instruments to get some different effects.
crayon etching

Optional: Instead of rubbing black crayon overtop of the coloured crayon, you can paint black India ink over the coloured crayon, let it dry and scratch into the ink - revealing the colours below.

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Tony Parker
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