Sponge Painting

Sponge Painting with school paints:

LEVEL: Preschool and Early Primary

Children love sponge painting.  Sometimes they have more fun making the sponges than painting.  It teaches children about shapes, colour and how paint gets absorbed into the sponges. It also offers a quick and simple way to make colourful artworks.
Sponge Painting school paintng
Try to only use one colour per sponge
You will need:
: Small pieces of sponges or a sponge brush. Kitchen, bath or craft sponges are ideal.: School tempera poster paint in a small bowls or paint trays.
: Scissors
: Plates or trays
: Paper
: Clothes Pegs
: Permanent marker or crayons
: Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers
: Paper towels – for clean-up.

sponge painting with school paints
Children love sponge painting
Let’s get started:
  1. Put on the apron and laydown your cover sheet or newspapers.
  2. Draw shapes with a marker or crayon like hearts, stars or a flower on the sponge to cut-out.  Cut the different shapes with scissors so you have a good range of interesting shapes. 
  3. Hold Sponge pieces with a clothes peg to make a handle.  If you have coloured plastic pegs try matching them to the coloured paint trays.
  4. Try to only use one colour per sponge.  This will give the picture clear and bright colours.
  5. Dip the sponge into the paint making sure that the bottom is evenly coated with paint. Use it to brush out or dab the paint onto the paper making pictures and patterns as you go.
School painting project sponge painting

Share and enjoy


Sponge brushes school paints
Sponge brushes are ideal

Sponge brushes are ideal for this as they have a good handle for little hands.  See photo
Use clean bright colours.

The small bits of waste sponge you cut off are great to making interesting details like leaves and grass.
Squares, triangles and diamonds are popular shapes for sponge painting.

Popular ideas are to paint a yellow circle and stamp on the flower peddles or it could be a sun and stamp on the sunrays.  Also you can use the sponge in a stamping action to make a wallpaper effect.

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Sponge Painting School Paints
Try this Wallpaper Effect


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