Window Painting with school paints

LEVEL: Preschool Early Primary
Window Painting with school paints
Surprise the kids and let them paint on the windows
It is fun painting on a see-through surface and it’s something kids don’t get to do every day. Painting on windows makes an attractive and striking surface to work on.  It is important to protect the window frames before you begin.  Just follow the instructions and read the tips below before you start. Enjoy.

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You will need:
: Paint brushes
: A big window low enough for the little artists’ to reach.
: School Tempera Paint in a small bowls or paint pots. See tips on paints below.
: Adhesive tape
: Bowls of water and an old rag.
: Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers
: Paper towels – this might get messy.

Let’s get started:
Window Painting

Put on the apron and lay down your cover sheet or newspapers.

It is important to protect your window frame, ledges or floor edges with adhesive tape and maybe taped together newspapers.

Paint on the inside of the window as the paints are water-soluble so they will come alive again in the rain or if they get wet.   Paintings can be left for days or even weeks.

It is a good idea to paint some dark frames for the children to paint inside.  This allows room for everyone plus children will tend to paint into the next painting.

You can set a theme like paint the day you see outside or put a soft toy outside for the children to copy. Painting holiday scenes or designs or using holiday colours to paint any designs is fun. 

Finally the cleaning up: Wash off the paintings with a sponge and warm soapy water.  The tempera poster paint will not permanently mark the window in any way.  But the longer you leave the paint on the window the harder it will be to wash off.  If the window gets a lot of sun the paint will seem to get baked on.  But it will still come off with just a little bit more work.

TIPS:   Using a tempera poster paint or a powder paint that is water-soluble is important.  Do not use an acrylic paint they tend to be more permanent.  Paste- and starch-based paint is harder to wash off windows.

Have paper towels or a damp rag ready for any paint the might get on walls or floors.  The sooner you wipe up the better the result.

Cleaning Paint Off: It can help by wetting the paint first and leaving it soaking before you try to wash it all off.  Soaking is the key.
You could try to cover the window with a large sheet of cellophane and paint on the cellophane instead of the window

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