Finger Painting Prints lesson plan

LEVEL: Pre-school and Early Primary.
Finger Painting Prints school paints
Colourful squishy paint all over little hands

There is nothing that is more fun for kids, than to have colourful squishy paint all over their hands. To be creating a colourful masterpiece is just an added bonus. Here is the lesson plan.

You will need:

: Tempera poster paint or finger paint
: Plastic table top or cover a table with a plastic sheet.
: Large sheets of paper – not too thin paper.
: Soapy water in a bucket with a towel
: Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers – plus paper towels – for clean-up.

Let’s get started and make Finger Painting Prints:

Prepare the work area with a plastic sheet and put on the aprons.  A flat surface is better that an easel.

Pour a puddle of paint onto the plastic table top.  Keep the colour range to no more than 3 bright colours.  Often just one colour is enough.

Now start to finger paint directly onto the table top, trying to keep to around the same size as your paper.  Not too thick and squishy. When you are ready, wash up with the warm soapy water and dry off with the towel.  It is important now to make sure you have clean hands.

Carefully place your sheet of paper directly on top of the finger painting. Still being careful, press your paper into the artwork on the table top with clean hands.

You may need to clean your hands again.  Carefully peel back the paper starting from one side to the other.  Being very slow and careful not to tear the paint soaked paper.
Finger Prints school painting

Hang up and allow to dry.   
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-          This is one of those lessons where less is more.  Too much paint and too many colours just turns into a mess and the paper will fall apart.

-          Kids can enjoy mirror art.  Where they write a name or letter and it appears backwards on the print.

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Tony Parker
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