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LEVEL: Pre-school and Early Primary
school paint roller painting
A Selection of Rollers for Kids

Roller Painting provides the opportunity for expressive activities through the use of paint rollers. Children can create designs in a quick and easy way. It is also a great way to introduce children to textured materials.

You will need:

: Tempera poster paint. Not too many colours 1-3 is fine.
: Foam rollers, small are better.  Kids size are available.
: Paint in shallow paint trays – need to be able to roll the roller in these.
: Paper A3 is a ideal
: Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers – plus paper towels – for clean-up.
school paints

Let’s get started:

Prepare the work area with coversheets and put on the aprons.  A flat surface is better that an easel.

Try to have a clean roller for each colour.  Also try to have the children return the rollers to the correct colours. You will end up with cleaner colours to your artwork.

Pour paint in to the trays.  One colour per tray.

Dip the roller into the tempera paint and spread the paint in a rolling movement. 

yle="font-family: "arial" , "helvetica" , sans-serif;">Try a range of techniques like stripes, waves and curves.  Dabbing, circles and outer frames are also fun.  Try to find any other ways you use the rollers.
The key is to have fun mixing colours and making shapes.

-          Add glitter for special effects to the wet paint.
-          You can roll a blue sky, green grass and come back later to paint people or a house.

-          Sometimes it is a good idea to have a sheet of blank paper for starting off the rollers. This makes sure the complete roller surface is covered in colour.

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Roller Painting - School Paints


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