String Painting lesson with school paints

LEVEL: Pre-school and Early Primary.
String painting is a simple art experience that encourages children to explore and create with a different kind of media and to experiment with line, colours, shapes and designs.

Here is another way to do string painting.

You will need:

: Tempera poster paint.
: String cut into 30cm to 50cm length (12 to 20inches).
: Sheets of paper – pre folded them in half.
: A shallow paint tray or dish
: Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers – plus paper towels – for clean-up.

String painting school paints
String Painting

Let’s get started:

Prepare the work area with a plastic sheet and put on the aprons. 
A flat surface is better that an easel for string painting.

Open the folded paper on the table close to the paint trays.
Place one end of the string into the paint tray while making sure you are keeping hold of the dry end. 

Lift the string out of the paint by the dry end.  Lay the string on the paper to be painted while trying to drip excess paint back into the tray.

Do the same with the other paint colours.  So you end up with two or three colourful pieces of string on one half of the paper with the dry ends of the string over the edge of the paper.   
While still holding the dry ends of the string, fold the paper in half.

Press down on the paper while you pull the paint strings out of the paper.  

Let them slip and slide so you get different colour painted effects.

Slowly open up the paper and allow to dry.
String Painting school lesson


-          You can also do one colour at a time and repeat for each colour.

-          3 to 4 bright colours are ideal for string painting.

-          Plastic string does not work very well with String Painting.

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