Artist tip on preparing to paint on location

Artist tip on preparing to paint on location
By Ron Gribble.

We have been concentrating on basic house keeping tips lately, cleanliness and organization. This becomes doubly important when you go ‘Plein Aire’, that is painting on location. The wind will find any disorganisation and create havoc.
Painting outdoors artist tips

You will need Bull Dog Clips to keep your rag from flapping paint all over the general landscape.

If you clean your brushes firstly on a piece of paper to remove the excess paint. I use a portion of telephone directory, as this is very absorbent and remain bound down the spine even if after I have removed ten or twenty pages for my days painting.

Then secondly wash it in your brush cleaner and use the rag to remove the turpentine. Don’t put paint on the rag!

The pages of the book can be folded over and clipped down with a bulldog clip to secure it from the effects of the wind. If the rag does flap about, it’s only turpentine on it anyway.

I am off to paint my way around the South Island of New Zealand soon, so I will be fighting the same problems first hand.

Happy painting;

Ron Gribble
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