Paint Imprint Stamping lesson with school paints

Paint Imprint Stamping lesson with school paints:

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LEVEL: Pre-School & Early Primary School.
This is so much fun, it really gets kids thinking outside the square and using their imagination. In fact sometimes it’s more fun looking for, and collecting objects to paint with than the paint imprint stamping itself. 
Painting Imprint Stamping lesson
Try using old toys
Paint imprint stamping is using any object and paint to make interesting imprints.
Old toys are brilliant for this.  Tyre tracks from old toy trucks and cars and feet of dolls.  But you can also use sponges, corks and other interesting found objects to make a paint imprint stamping masterpiece. 

You might need to wash some of the objects before you use them.

You will need:
: Look for objects to stamp and imprint with (see above).
: A good thick Tempera Poster paint in bold colours.
: Sheets of paper.
: Shallow paint trays + paint brushes
: Water and a dishcloth to clean objects between colours.
: Apron and sheets of newspapers – plus paper towels – for clean-up.

School painting stamping with tempera paint
Try to use nice bright colours
Let’s get started:

Prepare a flat surface work area with a newspaper and put on the aprons. 

Pour the Tempera Paint into the low shallow paint trays.
Let the children dip the objects into the paint or use a paint brush for more detailed items.    

Press, roll or walk the objects against the paper.
You will need to use a paper towel or wash the object between colours.

You can also try folding the paper in half and press the paint onto the other side to get the mirror effect.
For the best result try combining a number of shapes and colours into other recognizable shapes, like a house or a tree.

Allow to dry

It is a good idea to have a test sheet of paper to try out the imprints before the children do.  So items like wheels have a good even coverage.

Thicker paint is better. 

You can use anything to stamp and imprint with.  Experiment and have fun.

Don’t pour the used paint back into the bottles. Keep used paint separate.

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Tony Parker

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