Scraper Paint Basic Lesson

LEVEL: Pre-School & Early Primary School.

This is a quick way to make fun and colourful artworks.  Children love spreading the colours around the page and making designs and shapes. 

You will need:
: A scraper set (see photo). Old credit cards are also ideal.
The scraper sets are normally made of plastic and in a set of 4 different shapes.  They will need to be cleaned between colours.

scraper sets of 4 plastic
A scraper set

: A good thick Tempera Poster paint in bold colours.
: Sheets of paper.
: Water and a dishcloth to clean between colours.
: Apron and sheets of newspapers – plus paper towels – for clean-up.

Let’s get started:
Prepare a flat surface work area with a newspaper and put on the aprons. 

There are two main ways to do Scraper Painting.
One way is to put a blob of paint on a page and move it around in one solid sweeping move with a scraper. All the time trying not to lift the scraper off the page until you have run out of paint to spread. Then do another colour and then another. 

The other way is to paint a picture, like a solid blue sky and then a solid block of green for grass.  Then move your scraper from one side of the page to the other.  You can move in zigzag’s or in a up and down flowing movement.
Scraper Painting school paints

For the best results try to have one solid movement without lifting off the page.  

Using too many colours will start to get messy.

Allow to dry

-   Thicker paint is better
-  You can use anything with a straight edge to scrape with.  Experiment and have fun.

Share and enjoy
Tony Parker 


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