Splatter Painting with stencils for kids

Splatter Painting with stencils:

LEVEL: Pre-School & Early Primary School.

Messy but a lot of creative fun.
Splatter Painting with stencils school paints
Think of a theme to follow like space and rockets

You will need:
: Think of a theme to follow like space and rockets. Have children cut basic shapes from light card.  Like circles, stars, moons and rockets.
: Tempera Poster paint in bold colours.
: An old tooth brush
: Sheets of paper.
: Apron and sheets of newspapers – plus paper towels – for clean-up.

Let’s get started:
Cover the floor area with newspapers and wear aprons. Making sure you are well away from walls and curtains.  On a nice day you could even paint outside.

Put your sheet of paper to paint on in the middle. 

Arrange your cut out shapes on the paper.

Splatter the paint with the tooth brush. Try more than one colour.

Lift the shapes off the paper very carefully.

Allow to dry.

If you want edges to be darker.  Just splatter extra paint with the toothbrush very up  close to the edge, keep doing it until you get the colour you want.

Experiment and have fun.

Be careful where you paint.  Watch walls and curtains. Make sure children are supervised.

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Tony Parker
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