Wax crayon and dye batik design:

LEVEL: Primary School.

school painting batik design
Paper batik design
Batik is a centuries-old art form that involves painting melted wax on fabric and then dipping the fabric in dye.  But here is a simple project for children to make a colourful batik effect with paper wax crayons.

You will need:
: Water based school dye, a food dye or vegetable dye.
: Wax crayons in bold colours.
: Sheets of paper.
: Apron and sheets of newspapers – plus paper towels – for clean-up.

Let’s get started:
Prepare a flat surface work area with a newspaper and put on the aprons. 

Use the wax crayons to make a picture, a motif, or a design. Work heavily laying down plenty of colourful wax crayon.
Then crumple the picture, flatten it and crumple it again. This can be done several times to obtain a crumpled batik effect.

Smooth out the picture and make it flat.
Now paint lightly with one colour of dye into the cracks of the crayon. Turn the picture over on to the newsprint paper and smooth out the picture so that the newspaper absorbs the excess dye.

Allow to dry
-          One colour of dye works best
-          Plastic crayon do not work very well.
-          Try not to use too much dye, just a light brushing over.

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