Eye path in painting design

Barriers in the Eye Path in painting design:
By Ron Gribble

I am very aware that I will have a very broad band of artists reading this, so, I will try to be as broad as I can. That is to say, subject matter those artists will be applying this material to from still life, to abstract right through to the more traditional landscapes.

They all have one thing in common. They must some how pick up the viewers interest or catch the eye ‘so to speak’. So having ‘caught the eye’ what are you going to do with it?

It is therefore helpful to develop techniques that guide the eye down the paths that you want them to go. So you can deposit them in the area that is important to you that they see clearly.

School painting design
A road or track maundering through a landscape
As a landscape artist I tend to think in terms of things in the landscape, but for you it could be the subtle folds in a cloth leading towards your prime subjects in a still life.

A road or track maundering through a landscape can tie together all the elements very nicely. A closed gate on a track will cause a lessening of the viewers sub conscious urge to wander down it.

So whatever the - eye path, make it inviting pleasant with out obstacles that cut across the eye path. Remember it should run INTO the subject, not across it.

Happy Painting.
Ron Gribble 
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