Leaf Paint Prints School painting for kids

Leaf Paint Prints using school paint for kids:

LEVEL: Pre-school and Early Primary.
Leaf Paint Prints
Leaf Paint Prints using school paint for kids.

Make use of the autumn leaves that are lying on the ground.  Take a look around your home or school for flat printable leaves.  They make brilliant colourful artworks.
You will need:

: Tempera poster paint.
: Large flat leaves. Ones that have a great full leaf look are the best.
: Plastic table top or you can cover a table with a plastic sheet.
: Sheets of paper and cardboard.
: Paint print roller & dish for roller
: Glue or PVA
: Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers – plus paper towels – for clean-up.

Let’s get started:
Prepare the work area with a plastic sheet and put on the aprons.  A flat surface is better that an easel.
Arrange the leaves in your preferred design onto your cardboard sheet.  Glue the leaves onto the card in a flat design. Allow to dry.
Pour a small amount of paint into the dish and move the print roller through the paint until you have a good even coating.
Roll paint with the roller onto your glued leaves.  See tips below.
When you have a good even coating of paint on the leaves, you can lay your sheet of paper on top being careful not to move the paper up and down too much.  Rub the back of the paper with your dry clean hand.
The raised paint rolled leaves will offer impressive designs that show the edges and the veins.   
Hang up and allow to dry.  


  • Thinner paint works best.  Finger paint is often too thick.
  • It is important to make you’re the roller has an even coating of paint.

Share and enjoy.


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