Looses is no excuse, artist painting tip

Painting looses is no excuse...
By Ron Gribble 
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When I see a painting that is painted ‘loose’, I immediately look to see if it is accurate in the draughmanship.
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By loose, I mean ‘Broad brush’, with impasto brushstrokes, or like pallet knife work.

I had this discussion once with an ‘educated’ artist – who suffered many years in art school to learn the trendy definitions but with little practical application.

I pointed out that is you want to illustrate a subject (in this case, a boat) in a landscape there are certain rules to obey.  My friendly degree holder retorted, “There are no rules in art”.  My response was “If that is true, what did you spend six years learning”?  I did not get an answer!

Of course there are rules, a you must obey them if you want to accurately give the impression of the subject. The trick id to them so well that you know how to bend them, and which ones to bend, to your own agenda.

Do the horizons run uphill? No!
Do the colours get darker as they come forward? Yes
Do objects get larger as they come forward? Yes.
Does water run uphill? 

Do shadows show more than one light source in the landscapes?  I could go on!

Happy Painting
Ron Gribble

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