Paint application for artists

Artist Paint Application.
By Ron Gribble 

This is one of the most neglected areas in painting courses.

The bottom line is that you, the artists have to decide the application that suits that particular subject.
Artist Paint Application ron gribble

Loosely applied, bold, exposed brush strokes
Fine glazes
Smaller detailed brush strokes
Palette knife
Variations such as ‘spatter’, or ‘scaffitto’, ‘scrumbling’ etc.

I would like to give some overall “things to look out for”!

A bold apparent loose style is a lot more “painterly” and has a lot more character than the alternative detailed.  If you are very talented as a draftsman and your style is developed the fine detail may well be for you.  However most artists tend to over-work a painting when using a smaller brush.  The work becomes boring repetitive and predictable.

Often when completing an important detail I will go back to into that area specifically to make it more bold.  I will over paint an area that is correct, with a larger brush or pallet knife. I would rather “be wrong at the top my voice, than be a whisper”.

So I limit the time that I spend using a fine brush.  If the brush feels slightly too big for the job it is probably the correct one.

Happy Painting
Ron Gribble
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