Rock Painting in the Classroom

School Art Activity:
Rock Painting

school painting
Rock Painting

LEVEL: Pre-school and Early Primary.
Bringing the outdoors into your creative art time is so much fun for children.  A brilliant way to bring creative inspiration into their mind and also is helping kids to be inspirational with nature.   Rock painting is fun and a real adventure. This is a great sunny day activity.

You will need:
: Tempera poster paint or an acrylic. 
 The Tempera will offer a temporary coating while most acrylics are permanent.  Some of the budget brands may not be permanent. Read the label first.
: Rocks in interest shapes and sizes and also you may use big flat leaves.
: Plastic table top or you can cover a table with a plastic sheet.
: Paint brushes
: Glue or PVA
: Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers – plus paper towels – for clean-up.
Let’s get started:

Start off by taking the kids on a nature walk and as you walk you can collect interesting shaped rocks.
Prepare the work area with a plastic sheet and put on the aprons. 

Arrange the rocks and leaves on the table and talk to the children about what they can see in the different shapes.  Like a mouse, ladybird or a fish.
Use a paint brush and your tempera paints to start creating.  Painting and repainting the rocks can lead to hours of enjoyment.

Allow to dry. You can use glue or a black marker to add eyes, ears and a nose when the paint is dry.
-          Pick rocks that have animal like shapes.
-          Try to pick clean looking rocks, you may need to wash some of them.
-          If you have acrylic paints use them but be careful as the better brands are permanent.
-          Make use of the autumn leaves that are lying on the ground. 
Flat printable leaves are best.  They make brilliant colourful artworks.

Share and enjoy.
Tony Parker
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Rock Painting - School Painting:


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