Hand Prints with School Paints

Hand Printing Prints:
LEVEL: Pre-school and very Early Primary.

Colourful painted hands. This has to be one the most popular art projects for kids and it is also a great keepsake for parents and grandparents.   
Hand Prints with School Painting
Make it fun
 You will need:
: Sheet of Paper
: Tempera Poster Paint
: Little Hands
: Shallow trays
: Plastic table top or cover a table with a plastic sheet.
: Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers – plus paper towels.

Let’s get started:
This can get messy if you don’t have a bowl of water and paper towels prepared before you begin. 

Put on the apron and prepare a surface area.
Write the child’s name on the back of the paper before you begin

Pour paint into the shallow trays have one per colour.
There are two ways to get the paint on to the hands. 

1.       Slowly dip the palm of the hands into the trays. 
2.       You paint the hands yourself with a brush.
hand prints

Sometimes the dipping option can get too messy with drips and will give a sloppy looking print.  The brush option will give you more control and a far better print.
Once you have a good few hand prints you can wash the hands in the water and dry them before trying another colour.

Another option is to use a black marker to add eyes, ears, legs and a mouth.  

Allow to try
-          Cleaning as you go is a good idea
-          Have paper towels ready.
-          Often less is more. 
-          Stick to nice bold colours.

Share and enjoy & have fun.
Tony Parker

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