School Paints Handprint fabric prints

Handprint fabric prints on t-shirts:

LEVEL: Pre-school and Early Primary.

This activity is always popular as a meaningful take home artwork for kids to give to their parents and grandparents.  They can be t-shirts, hats, towels or even pillow covers.
school painting hand prints

You will need:
: A solid colour cotton fabric to paint on.  More basic the better.
: A permanent fabric ink or paint.  FAS Fastex textile ink is ideal.
: Plastic table top or you can cover a table with a plastic sheet.
: Paint brushes or sponges and shallow trays
: Have plenty of water and old towels for a quick clean up.
: Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers – plus paper towels.
Let’s get started:

Before you start be sure that children and clothing is well protected as this type of product is designed to stain clothing permanently.
Pour a small amount of the fabric ink/paint into a shallow bowl or paper plate. Solid single bright colours are better than mixed colours.  Colours can very quickly turn into a messy muddy puddle.

There are two popular ways to paint.  One is let the children rub and move their hands around in the fabric ink/paint.  Being careful not to be too overdone and drippy and wet when transferring to the fabric. Another option is to sponge on the fabric ink/paint directly onto the hands and feet.
Be ready with paper towels to clean between colours.

Allow to dry.
Most quality fabric ink requires heat setting.  This means once dry, turn the painted fabric over and iron the other side of the fabric at a good hot setting suitable to that fabric.  This melts the ink into the fabric.

Painted handprints can also be placed on art paper, construction paper or canvas. These forms of memorabilia can make great keepsakes for parents or the classroom year book.
-          Watch the video below.
-          Be ready with paper towels to clean as you go. It will get messy.
-          Use solid colour and light colour fabric.
-          Mixing colours gets messy.
-          Do a test run on card or paper first.
-          Don’t use a tempera paint and dyes they will come out in the wash.
-          Use a dedicated fabric ink.  Needing to be heat-set is a sign of a lasting permanent ink.

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Tony Parker
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Hand Print T-Shirt Craft 
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