School Painting Warm and Cool Colours

Warm and Cool Colours:

Some colours definitely create the feeling of warmth, while others have a real cool feeling.  These colour families are known as warm and cool colours.
Each family includes both primary and secondary colours.

The colour wheel clearly shows us that colour relationship.

the colour wheel
The Colour Wheel

Warm and Cool Colours school paints
Cool and warm colours

If you were to paint a cold rainy day then you would get the best results with a cool colour.  And if you were to paint a sunset then you would use a warm colour. 
Another way to look at it is you could call the warm colours the colours that remind you of warm things like a fire or heat.   They are colours that almost seem to jump forward off the page at you.  This is because they are colours that look and feel like they are full of bright sunlight.

The cool colours seem to have this moving backward feeling.  This is because they are not as bright and colourful as warm colours.   

By choosing to work in the warm or cool colours you can create the right mood to your painting. 

Another idea is to tint your background with a mood colour before you paint so will you start the paint with the right mood feeling.   Like tint with a red or pink for a sunset.
Often school paint brands will have 3 primary colours in warm and cool colours to make it easy for students to work out which colours are which.

Cool Yellow, Cool Blue, Cool Red
Warm Yellow, Warm Blue & Warm Red.
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