How do YOU get paint out of clothing?

How do YOU get paint out of clothing?
FAS: Total Wash Kids Paint

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One of the questions most often asked about children’s paint is, "Is it washable?"
Really totally washable from kids clothing?

Parents often get annoyed when children come home with paint on their clothes.
More than often the most colourful paints are "mostly washable" but not completely. And even with "washable" paints, the reds, dark blues and purples and some of the other colours don’t wash out completely.

Stain Removers:
There are stain removers that wash out the pigment but it still leaves a slight residual stain.  This is worst on lighter fabrics.

Sometimes the chemicals in the stain removers react with the paint chemicals and set about helping to set the stain rather than removing it.
We have tested some of the top international known brands and have found they don’t completely washout. That is why they say “will washout of MOST fabrics” on the label.  One brand says “wash-ability you can rely on” but then they say “will wash of of most” fabrics on the label.  Either it does or it does not...

There is only one paint that washes out of all fabrics and they put of on the label.  “This Paint WILL wash out of all fabrics”.  No stain remover’s required just plain water.

 What are YOUR tricks for getting paint out of clothes? Please share your comments.
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  1. Why is it so hard in this day and age to get paint to wash out? Sal

  2. Do they put too much color in the paint. I mean is it too strong?

    1. No it is just paint pigment doing what is designed to. That is stain a surface....


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