Paper mache animal piggy bank

Paper mache animal pig school paints:
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LEVEL: Pre-school and Primary.
Paper mache animal pig school paints
Paper mache animal piggy bank
These are a lot of fun to make and, once painted with bright colours and patterns, look fabulous in kids’ rooms or around the classroom.  It is so much fun and every one creates something different and unique.

You will need:
: Large balloons
: Tempera poster paint
: Paste or a PVA glue is good.
: Several newspapers or packs of tissue paper
: Pipe cleaners
: Thick art brushes
: Egg cartons
: Plastic table top or you can cover a table with a plastic sheet.

Let’s get started:
Blow up your balloon to the size you want your animal to be.

Tape or rest the balloon on a mug or jar.
Tear your newspaper or tissue paper into small strips and stick onto the balloon using the glue or paste.

Once you’ve added 3-4 layers, leave the balloon in a warm place until it dries and goes hard.
Add legs by cutting out the individual egg holders from an egg carton.

Paint and decorate your animal as you choose.  Be creative and try bright colours. Allow to dry.
Using a craft knife to cut a money slot in the top.

-          A black marker is good for making eyes and other markings.
-          Make sure that you have the pig balanced to stand up without falling over.
-          Pastes are better than PVA.
-          Sometimes you need to leave it to dry overnight and harden.

Share and enjoy & have fun.

Tony Parker


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