Tennis Ball Prints

LEVEL: Pre-school and very Early Primary (5+)

This is a fun printmaking lessons for very active kids.
A summertime outdoor art activity that is ideal for good hot weather.

Tennis Ball Printing
Tennis Ball Prints with School Paints
You will need: : Paper
: Tempera Poster Paint with some shallow paint trays
: Tennis Balls – old old are also good
: Apron, old shirts  – plus paper towels.

Let’s get started:
Before you start make sure that children are well protected with old shirts or aprons.

Supervision is also important. As kids love to throw balls….
Pour some paint into shallow trays – 3 or 4 colours should be enough.

Dip the balls into the tempera poster paint. It is better not to over wet the tennis balls.  Try to avoid it being all too drippy.  But sometimes the drippy-ness adds to the final artwork.
Dab or drop the tennis balls one at time onto the blank paper.

Hang and allow to dry.
-          Sometimes brushing paint on to the tennis ball gives you more control.
-          Try to cover only one side of the tennis ball
-          Use clean bright colours.
-          Don’t pour the used paint back into the bottles

Share and enjoy & have fun.
Tony Parker


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