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Scratch Scraper Art with school paints

Scraper Art with school paints:
LEVEL:All levels.

Kids love this art lesson.  It’s kind of like magic art; children of all ages like to have a go at it.  But best of all it is simple colourful and fun.

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You will need:: Heavy White Paper
: Tempera Paint - Black.
: A broad or foam brush
: Wax Crayons. 
: Toothpicks, paper clips or something similar that you can scratch paint with.
: Apron and a cover sheet, newspapers or paper towels.

Let’s get started:
Using the wax crayons colour the entire sheet of paper with bright colours.  Often brighter and thicker colour layering is better. Keep in mind the wax in the crayons also acts as a barrier to help prevent the paper becoming too soggy and unusable. It is a good idea to make sure that you have all the artworks named on the back before you continue.

Apply a layer of black tempera paint using a broad brush.  Making sure you cover the complete surface and you no longer see any of the wax crayon. …

Blown Dye Art School Lesson

Blown Dye Art Lesson:
LEVEL: Pre-school and Primary.

Working with dye is colourful and fun.  This is so easy too. This lesson is about blowing dye with a drinking straw.
You will need:
: Paper
: Food Dye or school art dye – primary colours are best – red, yellow and blue.
: Straws
: Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers – plus paper towels.

Let’s get started: Set up a table for each group of children.

Each table should have two colours of dye only to start with as artworks can get messy quickly. Using just the straw in a controlled way pick up and lift a colour of the dye and let it drop on the the paper. Making a nice little puddle.

Try not to put too much on the paper. Leave plenty of white space. When you have enough colour blow the dye all over the paper with the straw.

If you are using more than one colour allow the colours to mix into one another. Later you can try using all three primary colours.

Allow to dry. TIPS: -Trying just one colour and leaving plenty of white space looks great too.