Free Download Template – Make your own Primary & Secondary colour chart

Make your own Primary & Secondary colour chart:

LEVEL: All levels.

Download Free Colour Chart PDF Here

A really simple way to show children how to make new colours from the basic colours they already have.

It is so simple and FREE all you need to do is download the PDF template get out the paints and start painting.

Make your own Primary & Secondary colour chart
Free Download Template – Make your own Primary & Secondary colour chart

You will need:: Paper
: Tempera Paints – make sure you have the colours shown on the Free template.
: Brushes and mixing trays or dishes
: Download and Free PDF printout the colour mixing template
: Apron and a cover sheet, newspapers or paper towels if needed.

Let’s get started:It is so simple. You have two sheets to fill in, one for primary colour mixing and the other for the secondary colour mixing.
Pour the first two colours of paint into the trays and allow the children to mix the colours themselves in the empty tray.  You can pre-paint these this template for the children but it is
much better if kids do themselves so see how colours mix together to create new colours.

Basic Primary Colour Combinations: Page 1
Red + Blue = Purple
Blue + Yellow = Green
Yellow + Red = Orange
Secondary Colour Combinations: Page 2
Red + Orange = Red Orange
Yellow + Green = Leaf (light green)
Blue + Purple = Ultra (warm blue)
Red + Purple = Red Purple
Yellow + Orange = Deep Yellow (warm yellow)
Blue + Green = Blue Green (jade)

Share and enjoy & have fun.
Tony Parker

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