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Textured paper or book covers with paint scrapers

School Art with  Paint Scrapers: LEVEL: Pre-school and Primary. This is quick, colourful and easy.   Kids love to make their own gift wrapping paper or school book covers…   You simply push the paint around with a plastic scraper.    You Also might like: : Scratch Art - crayon etching lesson plan : Scratch Scraper Art with school paints : Scraper Paint Basic Lesson Textured paper or book covers with paint scrapers You will need : : Paper : Tempera Paint . A few of colours : Paint pots or dishes. : Brushes : Scraper or an anything plastic like an old credit card. : Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers or paper towels. Let’s get started: To make the interesting shapes you will need a scraper.   You can buy scrapers in a range of fun shapes but you can also make your own very easily.   You can use anything but simple plastic items are better as they are easy to clean between colours.      Pour two different colours in to the paint pots and brush