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Fastex textile ink screen printing

Textile fabric ink and screen printing: Textile Printing Ink LEVEL: Primary to Artist. Colourful fabric painting with textile fabric inks.  There are two popular ways to paint fabrics. One is ready made fabric ink and other is to use a medium with an acrylic paint. Textile fabric printing ink: This is an ink that can be heat-set to a fabric to make it permanent, completely washable and dry cleanable. This product is made exclusively for fabric and offers real lasting quality once heat-set.   Brands may differ. Paints with a Textile Medium added. These are acrylic paints that have a medium mixed with the paint to make it suitable for fabric. This can work reasonably well but they are still a paint that has been redirected to work on fabrics.   The Good from the Bad. A good printing ink once applied should not only look good with strong solid colours but you should not be able to feel it on the fabric no matter how many layers you have printed.     App