Tempera People Paint skintone shades for the classroom

Tempera People Paint for School Paints:

LEVEL: Pre-school and Primary.

FAS People paint skin tone super tempera paint set

Kid’s love to paint people of all shapes and colours.  You can make your own skin tone shades by mixing white, red and brown shades.  But it is much easier to get a set of skin tone shades that are mixed and ready for instant use.    

Children can now paint every skin colour under the sun! And if they don’t see the exact shade they need, it’s a breeze to mix one. Best of all, tempera paint washes right off skin and clothes for quick & easy clean-ups.  Lots of classroom fun.

Children love painting thier own self portraits.  This is a fun way to get the creative juices flowing.

- You can share the set with more than one class.
- Don’t pour old paint back into the bottle if you want your set to last.  
Share and enjoy & have fun.
Tony Parker

Leaf Printing autumn colours with school tempera paints

LEVEL: Pre-School and Primary School.

This is a simple, quick but colourful school painting project.  It brings nature indoors and takes your creativity outdoors.  This is a great autumn inspired paint activity.   You can collect the leaves yourself but it is much more fun to get the kids out doors collecting good printable leaves with you.  

Leaf Printing autumn

You will need:

: White Paper
: Tempera Paint – just a few colours. Autumn earth tones are ideal.
: A brush
: A roller – an old rolling pin is ideal – Plastic would be better.   
: Leafs – try full leafs with strong veins for printing in a range of sizes.
: Apron and a cover sheet, newspapers or paper towels.

Let’s get started:

painting leaf super tempera
Turn the leaves on their back so the veins are facing upwards

Leaves: before you start make sure they are clean and free from bugs and dirt.  Also before you start have some paper towels ready.

Turn the leaves on their back so the veins are facing upwards.

Paint the underside thinly with the brush.  Making sure you get the stem and all the veins.

Carefully place the leaf onto the paper and place a sheet of the paper towel on top of the leaf. This will help protect the roller from getting covered in paint.

Use the roller to firmly press the leaf into the paper.  

Painting leaf
Use the roller to firmly press the leaf into the paper.
Use paper towels to keep the roller clean
Carefully remove the paper towel and lift the leaf off the paper.

This can be repeated in different colours.

Allow to dry

- Try not to use too many colours.
- You can also cut out the prints and paste them together on one sheet of paper
- Be careful not to pour dirty paint using back in to the paint bottles.

Share and enjoy & have fun.

Tony Parker

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All Blacks | New Zealand Rugby team UV Glow Paint

School Paints v UV Glow Party Paints:

fas super tempera new zealand
All Blacks | New Zealand world champion rugby team
It's the latest craze to throw paint at each other. Better still is the UV glow fluorescent paint colours.  In fact its been around for a while but now it's really catching on...
Here is the 'All Blacks" (the New Zealand world champion rugby team) throwing around the local brand FAS's UV glow fluorescent paint.
All Blacks | New Zealand Rugby team play with FAS | Super Tempera Paint UV glow fluorescent paint.

If you utube "UV Glow Paint parties" you'll be surprized at what they are doing with school paints now.
Share and enjoy
Tony Parker