Funny faces with school tempera paints

Funny face printing 

Funny face printing with colourful tempera paints
Funny faces with school tempera paints
LEVEL: Pre-School and Primary School.
Make fun and funny faces with almost anything you can find.  A lot of fun and it gets the children’s creativity flowing.  You can use all sorts of objects to print from – Keys, forks, spoons, corks and buttons will work as well.  Check with an adult that you are allowed to use them before you cover them with paint.   

You will need:: Objects for printing such as buttons, forks, pegs, cotton reels and plastic bottle tops.
: White Paper
: Tempera Paint – just a few colours.
: Brushes
: Paint trays or old plates for dipping the objects.  
: Paper towels to use like blotting paper.
: Apron and a cover sheet, newspapers or paper towels.

Let’s get started:
Before you start have some paper towels ready. Pour the tempera paint colours into shallow trays.

 I found using a fork it makes interesting hair patterns.
 I found using a fork it makes interesting hair patterns. 

1. To make faces start with the hair. You can use almost anything to print with. I found using a fork it makes interesting hair patterns.  Dip the folk into the paint and test it on a paper towel to get it looking just right.

2. Choose different objects for the eyes, nose and mouth.  Round objects like button or plastic bottle caps are perfect for eyes.

3. Use something longer and thin like an old ruler to print the face shape and add the neck.  Cut down bits of corrugated cardboard is great for this too.

4. Finish off with a pair of interesting ears. A pencil sharpener, unused staples or anything else that you can find that has an interesting shape.
Allow to dry

TIPS:   - Try not to use too many colours.
- This is a great idea for making animal pictures too.
- Be careful not to pour dirty paint you have been using back in to the paint bottles.

Share and enjoy & have fun.

Tony Parker
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