Pre-school Art and Science Dye Experiment

Absorbing School Dyes:

Pre-school Art and Science Experiment – Absorbing Dye:

Absorbing School art dye science project
Absorbing School Dye Science

LEVEL: Pre-school.
I found this idea in the local paper during the school holidays.
This is a simple hands-on art meets science colour experiment. It is fascinating to watch the colours get soaked up the paper towels and be transferred from one jar to another. This is quick and easy but it is still lots of colourful fun.   

You will need:
: Food Dye or school water soluble dyes:
: Paper towels
: Three small jars per experiment. 
: Water.
: Rubber gloves would also be handy.
: Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers or paper towels.

Let’s get started:
Line up your jars in rows of three.
Roll up the paper towels – two per each group of three jars. Fold the towels and place them one end each inside the two outside jars as if you were linking them together.

Put some water in the two outside jars and dye.  Keep the middle jar empty. Try to use bright contrasting colours. 
Wait… Then as if by magic watch the water climb up the paper towels to meet the middle empty jar which begins to fill with coloured water from each side.

Allow to dry.

- You could try to make a rainbow.
- Try to use bright colours.

Share and enjoy & have fun.
Tony Parker

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