Teaching tips on ideas for painting in the classroom

Teachers Tips on ideas for making art in the classroom:

tempera school painting in the classroom

Always try to use the best materials that you can lay your hands on for each art lesson. Safe non-toxic paints with bright colours will give much better results than cheaper watery colours. Paper weight also makes a huge difference on the outcome of a painting.
Promote fearfulness.

New techniques sometimes require more than one go at it.  Let the children know that they are trying a new technique today and play with it and get fun ideas. Then the next day you can do this again using the ideas learnt today. This will get a no fear creative flow going.
Try to use thoughtful language when working with children. 
For example.  “Tell me about what you are painting” works much better than saying “what is that you are painting?”  

Supervision: This is not just about safety.  Children are much more creative when they feel emotionally attached to what they are trying to create.  So if you are painting a winter cold day get the children outside feeling coolness see the trees with no leaves.  Ask questions and get them feeling the mood and noticing the environment.

Focus on the details. This is one of the major keys to great artworks in all ages.  Just slow down and focus on what you are about to paint, look at the details this will enhance the creative outcome.
Bringing it all together

If you are learning about another country then try to bring that into the art. Example if you are learning about Japan make some hand fans, Paris paint the Eiffel tower.  This again adds emotional value and you will get much more creative results.

Each child’s work should be wholly his or her own.  Don’t work on someone else’s art work.
Embrace individual style. Respect each other’s differences.

Make sure you have good light to work in. Natural light is best.
Here are some ideas for painting. Art Projects

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