Frame your artwork with school paints

Frame your artwork:

If it is worth spending the time to paint something it is worth a few moments to create something to frame it. 

This is more than often overlooked; it is a small thing that can highlight the mood by adding impact and spice to any artwork. Plus it does look great.

You can paint a boarded frame before or after you have finished your painting.  But another popular idea for the classroom is to make a boarded frame on a larger piece of paper separately and add it to the completed painting later. This is what we have done here. 
Frame your artwork clown painting
Frame your artwork with another larger sheet of paper.

Paste sheets of colour paper on a larger board like we did with the clown painting.

Use another sheet of paper to cover and protect your painting while you paint a frame.
Frames can be simple yet very effective
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Tony Parker


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