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Monoprinting for Kids with school paints

LEVEL: Pre-school and Primary. This is quick, colourful and easy.   It is block printing at its simplest form using a Tempera Poster Paint with fingers and kids do love pushing paint around with their fingers. This week we had fun exploring colours with this simple printing technique by seeing what we could do with just one colour. Mono Printing for Kids with school paints You will need: : Sketch Paper : Tempera Paint in simple bold colours : Paint pots or dishes. : Printing plate: (old plastic placemat, styrofoam board, any flat non-porous surface). We used a small sheet of plexiglas.   You can use a wipe-able bench top. : Roller or a wide paint brush. : Apron and a cover sheet, newspapers or paper towels. Let’s get started: Monoprints are about a simple and quick one colour art form in that you cover a large area of the printing plate with a tempera paint . Your images are created by finger painting a basic design in the paint on the plate.   Then you

School Powder Paint sprinkles in the rain

LEVEL: Pre-school and early primary. This is a great out door nature inspired painting project.   It’s always good to get outdoors and let the children talk about all the colours that they can see around them in the trees, grass and in the sky.   Using these colours to create artworks is ideal for learning colour mixing, squeezing (fine motor skills) and natural colours.   It is simple quick and colourful fun. You can use a small spray bottle filled with water to create your own rain on a sunny day. You will need: : Tempera Powder Paints. : Kitchen sieve. : Old spoons. : A small spray bottle filled with clean water. : Paper - heavier construction paper or cardboard works best here. : Water tub or tray. : Paper towels for clean-up. Get outdoors with colour Let’s get started: You can do this in the rain; but we found it cleaner and easier to create your own rain with a small spray bottle filled with water. Layout your sheets of paper inside the t

Wonky spider webs - feathering with thick school paint

LEVEL: Pre-school and Primary. This is quick, colourful fun and easy.         Wonky Spider Webs [ Follow us on Facebook  and Pinterest  ] You will need: : Paper : Thicken Tempera Paint or a coloured PVA like 3D Craft Paint : Scraper or an anything plastic like an old plastic ruler. : Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers or paper towels. [ How to Thicken Tempera Paint ] Let’s get started: You can either outline with a pencil around a circular object to make a perfect circle or you can just do it by hand to make a wonky shape, like we did. It is easier to use a bottle with a nozzle cap for better control. We used a plastic ruler. Start from the outside and work inwards to keep the basic shape. Try not to use too many colours. When you have filled in the shape use a blunt straight edged object and drag from the inside to the outer edge.   We used a plastic ruler.   You will need to wipe clean your object making sure you have no