Monoprinting for Kids with school paints

LEVEL: Pre-school and Primary.

This is quick, colourful and easy.  It is block printing at its simplest form using a Tempera Poster Paint with fingers and kids do love pushing paint around with their fingers.
This week we had fun exploring colours with this simple printing technique by seeing what we could do with just one colour.
Mono printing for Kids with tempera paint
Mono Printing for Kids with school paints

You will need:
: Sketch Paper
: Tempera Paint in simple bold colours
: Paint pots or dishes.
: Printing plate: (old plastic placemat, styrofoam board, any flat non-porous surface). We used a small sheet of plexiglas.  You can use a wipe-able bench top.
: Roller or a wide paint brush.
: Apron and a cover sheet, newspapers or paper towels.

Let’s get started:
Monoprints are about a simple and quick one colour art form in that you cover a large area of the printing plate with a tempera paint. Your images are created by finger painting a basic design in the paint on the plate.  Then you gently place your paper over the design and lift it off.

Monoprinting with tempera paint
Mono printing: Rolling out the tempera paint
1.       Spread Tempera Paint evenly over your printing plate with a wide brush or use a roller.  Making sure that it is slightly smaller than your paper.  It is not important to make it straight edged in fact it adds to the final effect.

2.       Using fingers draw designs on the painted area.  The more simple and basic picture the better. What you are trying to do is remove the paint with your finger. If you are not happy with the design you can re-roll the area and start again.

3.       When you're happy with your design, lay the paper on top, making sure to cover the area with paint. Try not to press on the painted area too much and also try not to move the paper around as it will smudge your final design.  

4.       Carefully peel the paper from the printing plate to reveal the mono printed image. 

5.       The printing plate can be reworked to be used again and again for the whole class.

6.       Allow to dry.

Monoprinting school paint lesson
Monoprinting Kids can make fun and interesting designs

-          Keep it to one colour.
-          Printing plate: just needs to be a wipe able surface.
-          Less is more. Try not to overdo the designs.
-          Your designs will always come out in a reversed mirror image.
-          Pressing hard on the paper while printing can turn your image into a blotchy mess.  
-          The children decided to do fish with blue paint and flowers with red paint.

Share and enjoy & have fun.

Tony Parker


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