School Powder Paint sprinkles in the rain

LEVEL: Pre-school and early primary.
This is a great out door nature inspired painting project.  It’s always good to get outdoors and let the children talk about all the colours that they can see around them in the trees, grass and in the sky.  Using these colours to create artworks is ideal for learning colour mixing, squeezing (fine motor skills) and natural colours.  It is simple quick and colourful fun.

You can use a small spray bottle filled with water to create your own rain on a sunny day.
School Powder Paints - sprinkles in the rain
You will need:
: Tempera Powder Paints.
: Kitchen sieve.
: Old spoons.
: A small spray bottle filled with clean water.
: Paper - heavier construction paper or cardboard works best here.
: Water tub or tray.
: Paper towels for clean-up.
School Powder Paint outdoor painting lesson
Get outdoors with colour

Let’s get started:
You can do this in the rain; but we found it cleaner and easier to create your own rain with a small spray bottle filled with water.

Layout your sheets of paper inside the tray or water tub.  This helps to contain the powder paint and stops the wind from blowing away your paint before you can wet it.
Sprinkle the tempera power paint over paper in a range of colours. 

I found it worked better with an old kitchen sieve as it helped to spread the powder paints thinly and evenly without it becoming heaped up.
Keeping your paper inside the tray use the spray bottle filled with clean water to lightly wet the powder.

Allow to dry.
powder paint school art lesson
School Powder Paint - sprinkles in the rain

- We found heavier paper better as the paper does get very wet. Soggy paper will just fall apart.

- You can also sprinkle Temper Powder Paint on to cardboard and carry it into the rain. The raindrops will turn the paint into wet colours.  

- Children can also explore mixing water and paint in small trays or they can try out other ideas of their own.  

Share and enjoy & have fun.

Tony Parker
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