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Monster Paint Blob Faces

Making Monster Paint Blob Faces is great fun for kids of all ages.They are colourful, very simple to create and they look great displayed around the classroom.

LEVEL:Pre-school and Primary. 
You will need:
Tempera Poster Paint – in squeeze bottles is helpful
Marker Pen
Drinking Straws
Let’s get started:
Squirt a nice small blob of paint on to the paper.Thin the paint with a little water if necessary. If you do not have a squeeze bottle just use a spoon to spoon a small pool of paint.
Using the drinking straw gently blow the paint around so it spreads out into an interesting monster-like blob shape.
Once dry, you can decorate your blobs with the marker pen or anything else you might find interesting like glitter or string for hair.

TIPS: -Keep it to one colour.
-We painted small white circles for the eyes on each blob.
-Sprinkle the glitter onto the paint as it is nearly dry.
-Make sure the paint is thin enough for kids to blow around.
-Too big a blob can get messy and be too much for y…