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Aboriginal style of dot painting with school paints

Aboriginal style of dot painting with school paints:

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Aboriginal style dot painting is a lot of colourful fun for kids. This project is easy to set up and simple to do.  The end result is a colourful artwork that is just asking to be hung on the wall for the world to see.

You will need:
A sheet of light card – black can be more effective for an aboriginal themeTempera Poster Paint in 4 bright colours4 x shallow paint traysApronA few old pencils with flat ends or with erasers. You can also use a paint brush upside-down.A ruler or interesting shapes to trace for an outline.Newspapers or protective cover sheet. Let’s get started:

1. Prepare your work area.  Lay out newspapers or a cover sheet
2. On your paper very lightly outline some interesting shapes. Often the more simple the better.
3. Pour your 4 colours of  paint into the shallow trays.
4. Using your pencil upside down dip your pencil lightly into the paint.
5. Try to use…

Make a MineCraft Steve Mask

MineCraft Steve Mask
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Minecraft is so popular and anyone who plays minecraft knows Steve (or the Steve Skin).
Kids love this and it is so much fun.

You will need:
Cardboard box: –needs to be slightly larger than head size in a square shape.
Paint: – Acrylic or Tempera – colours: Black or brown and a flesh tint.
Packing Tape:
Cardboard sheet to make a stencil:
A cover sheet or newspaper:

Let’s get started:
1. Lay down your protective cover sheet or newspaper.  Put on apron.
2. Tape your cardboard box from inside the carton so there is no tape on the outside. This will give a much better finish to the painted surface.
3. The painting needs to be as “blocky” as possible.  We found cutting simple square-ish type of stencil worked really well.
4. Use your ruler to draw out two stencils on the card. One for the front and another for the side profile. The same side profile stencil can be reversed for the other side o…

Painting with School Dyes:

Watercolour Painting with School Water Dyes:
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Kids love making colourful crafts and working with school dyes is colourful, fun and yet so easy. You can paint simple pictures quickly and you end up with a very bright watercolour effect.

LEVEL:Pre-school and Primary.

You will need: : A school water base dye - or a food dye
: Paper (not too thin)
: Black Marker Pen
: Pencil
: Brushes. (Soft hair watercolour brushes are better): Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers or paper towels

Let’s get started: First make sure you have protection on the painting surfaces.Wear old clothing, smocks or aprons.
Start with a very simple basic outline pencil sketch.

Make sure the outlines are dark enough for the children to paint around. Pour the dyes into trays and paint pots.

Start to paint in your picture using one brush per colour.Try not to overload your brush.The lighter you paint the better the watercolour effect and it will dry much fas…