Make a MineCraft Steve Mask

MineCraft Steve Mask
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Minecraft is so popular and anyone who plays minecraft knows Steve (or the Steve Skin).
Kids love this and it is so much fun.

MineCraft “Steve” Mask
Minecraft "Steve" Mask

You will need:
Cardboard box: –needs to be slightly larger than head size in a square shape.
Paint: – Acrylic or Tempera – colours: Black or brown and a flesh tint.
Packing Tape:
Cardboard sheet to make a stencil:
A cover sheet or newspaper:

MineCraft “Steve” Mask Stencils
Make simple stencils.

Let’s get started:
1. Lay down your protective cover sheet or newspaper.  Put on apron.
2. Tape your cardboard box from inside the carton so there is no tape on the outside. This will give a much better finish to the painted surface.
3. The painting needs to be as “blocky” as possible.  We found cutting simple square-ish type of stencil worked really well.
4. Use your ruler to draw out two stencils on the card. One for the front and another for the side profile. The same side profile stencil can be reversed for the other side of the head.
5. Hold the stencil steady to paint in the black or brown hair.  Paint 3 sides plus the top and allow the colour to dry.
6. While waiting for the hair colour to dry paint the pink flesh tint colour for the rest of all the surface.
7. Once the three sides and the top are completely dry you can paint the final back of the head. Making sure you paint a very straight edge.
8. Once all is dry – using the ruler to measure a small square for the nose and two eyes.
9. Paint in the nose and cut out the eyes. 

MineCraft “Steve” Mask Skin
Minecraft Steve Skin
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TIPS for Minecraft Mask:
Paint: Use an acrylic paint if you need it to be more waterproof.
Tempera paint does not adhere well to packing tape plastic surfaces.
Keep it very simple and very blocky.

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Tony Parker 
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