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Aboriginal style of dot painting with school paints

Aboriginal style of dot painting with school paints:

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Aboriginal style dot painting is a lot of colourful fun for kids. This project is easy to set up and simple to do.  The end result is a colourful artwork that is just asking to be hung on the wall for the world to see.

You will need:
A sheet of light card – black can be more effective for an aboriginal themeTempera Poster Paint in 4 bright colours4 x shallow paint traysApronA few old pencils with flat ends or with erasers. You can also use a paint brush upside-down.A ruler or interesting shapes to trace for an outline.Newspapers or protective cover sheet. Let’s get started:

1. Prepare your work area.  Lay out newspapers or a cover sheet
2. On your paper very lightly outline some interesting shapes. Often the more simple the better.
3. Pour your 4 colours of  paint into the shallow trays.
4. Using your pencil upside down dip your pencil lightly into the paint.
5. Try to use…