Aboriginal style of dot painting with school paints

Aboriginal style of dot painting with school paints:

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Aboriginal style dot painting is a lot of colourful fun for kids. This project is easy to set up and simple to do.  The end result is a colourful artwork that is just asking to be hung on the wall for the world to see.

Aboriginal style of dot painting by Jaxon Perkins

You will need:
  • A sheet of light card – black can be more effective for an aboriginal theme
  • Tempera Poster Paint in 4 bright colours
  • 4 x shallow paint trays
  • Apron
  • A few old pencils with flat ends or with erasers. You can also use a paint brush upside-down.
  • A ruler or interesting shapes to trace for an outline.
  • Newspapers or protective cover sheet.
 Let’s get started:

1. Prepare your work area.  Lay out newspapers or a cover sheet
2. On your paper very lightly outline some interesting shapes. Often the more simple the better.
3. Pour your 4 colours of  paint into the shallow trays.
4. Using your pencil upside down dip your pencil lightly into the paint.
5. Try to use one pencil per colour or make sure you clean the pencil ends between using colours. This type of art requires clean bright colours.
6. Follow the pencil outlines. Try to keep to the same colour per line.
7. Keep working your way to the edges of the paper with new rows of colour. See from the example that Jaxon has painted.
8. Allow to dry.

Try to keep to your pencil outlines this will help keep your dots in neat tidy rows.
The more simple the design often the better.
You can use almost any items to trace around like cups, bowls, jars or lids and caps.
This is not a type of painting technique you should rush.

See the video below for more hints and tips
Share and enjoy,
Tony Parker

How to do dot painting
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