Painting with Indian Ink

Painting with Indian Ink:

Painting with FAS Indian Ink
Try Painting with Indian Ink - Artworks by Jade Sintes

Indian ink is often under appreciated as a medium for painting.  But the results can be stunning with bold dark black brushstrokes that can be varied from thick to thin in the very same brush movement.

What is Indian Ink?Indian ink is a black ink once widely used for writing and printing and now more commonly used for drawing, especially when inking comic characters and comic strips. It is thin like water yet bold and dark in colour. This can be diluted with water to make shades of grey.

Brushes or Dip Pens?

When it comes to painting with Indian ink the dip pen will offer the artist finer details and a lot of the techniques that are used with pencils, like shading and hatching. The pen is easier to use and can be a quicker way to get your ideas on paper quickly. 

However, for bold and expressive artworks, the brush is the tool that will give you that full bodied brushstrokes that you just can’t get with technical and dip pens. Ideal for making a bold raw expressive statement.
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