Animal finger and thumb printing

Finger animals, flowers and bees.

This is how you do it.  So Easy...

finger painting chickens lesson
Finger Print Chickens

Finger Paint animal fun.

Get the children using their hands with this fun thumb and finger print activity. The children will love getting their hands messy to create colourful fun animals and later they can then add details to give them life.
In this activity the children will be using skills such as painting, drawing and writing.

These are great to make fun Easter cards and they are personal to each child with their own unique thumbprint being using to create colourful artwork.

LEVEL: Pre-school and Primary.

You will need:
Tempera Poster Paint – Yellow, Red and Black.  Any colours..
Marker Pen
Paper Towels – for wiping hands.

Let’s get started:
1. Provide the children with the materials and explain that they are going to be making some paintings using their thumbs and fingers.

2. Paint a colour on to the fingers on one hand. One colour per brush and one colour per thumb or finger. Painting thinner is better that thick as you are stamping prints not blobs.

Finger and thumb Printing lesson
Finger and thumb Printing before adding details

3. Have sheet of paper to test you have right thickness before you start.

4. Leave these to dry.

 5. Using a fine tip black marker, draw on the details and leave these to dry.

-          You can do all sorts of animals from cows to horses.
-          Make sure the paint is thin enough for kids to make clear and clean stamped images.  Less paint is more...

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Free PDF Paint Colour Mixing Guide download. 
We have made a printable A4 size PDF of this Colour Mixing Guide [ Click Here ]


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