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Paint with PVA Glue and School Paints

Painting with PVA Glue and School Paints:

There are a lot of ways you can use glue to create fun colourful effects with paint. One of my favourites is to create glue resist paintings.

Another great and fun idea is to get the children to paint a secret message on the paper, once dried mix up all the classes’ paintings so each child ends up with a secret mystery painting to discover with the painted sponge. Loads of fun!

LEVEL: Pre-school and Primary.

You will need:
A bright coloured tempera poster paint 
PVA Glue – in squeeze bottles is helpful
Paper – Bright coloured paper is a great idea.
Sponge or an old dish cloth.

Let’s get started:
Draw a design onto your paper lightly with a pencil and then go over it with PVA glue.  Or simply draw a design directly onto paper with using the glue.

Using a small squeeze bottle is ideal for small hands but you could use a thin brush to paint your design if you need more control on a more complex design.  We used a the squeeze bottle for these pictures.…