Paper Mache Sheep Pot Plant holder with School Paints

Paper Mache Sheep Pot Plant holder
Made by Mercy Centre Orphanage Bangkok:  

Mercy Centre orphanage in Bangkok gets $3000 of Super Tempera paint donated and shipped to them free. See what they made… And learn how to make it.

Paper Mache Sheep Pot Plant holder

Learn how to make amazing fun and colourful pot plant animals.  Turning an old ordinary pot plant holder into a decorative paper mache animal plant holder. Lots of fun!

A great colouful project from Prawina at the Mercy Centre in Bangkok Thailand.

inside Paper Mache Sheep Pot Plant holder

You will need:

Making Paper Mache:
Making the Paper Mache Shape
Making the Paper Mache Shape.

·         Vegetable pot for being the structure
·         Newspapers or paper for recycling
·         Masking tape
·         Tissue paper
·         Water
·         White glue or a school paste.
·         Paint brush
·         School Tempera Poster Paints
·         lacquer spray can

painting the Paper Mache sheep
FAS super tempera Painting the Sheep
Painting the Sheep

Let’s get started:
How to do the paper mache:

Tear paper or newspapers into fairly large pieces.

Make your adhesive by mixing approximately 2 parts white glue with 1 part water or use a school paste.

Crumpled up newspaper and kept wrapping it into a shape needed and secured it with masking tape. 

Design what shape that you want to make it like any animals, cartoon characters or anything around the vegetable pot.
Made by Mercy Centre Orphanage Bangkok super tempera

We used 2-3 layers of newspaper to cover it and finish the top layer by using the tissue paper coat it.

Colour the paper mache shape by painting the surface and polish by using the lacquer spray.

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Prawina Sompong

FAS | Fine Art Supplies & Ecu Line Donated $3000 of Super Tempera Poster Paint to the Mercy Centre Orphanage Bangkok.
FAS | Fine Art Supplies & Ecu Line Donate $3000 of
Super Tempera Poster Paint to the Mercy Centre Orphanage Bangkok.


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